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Review of Unfinished from Richard Stearns

Recently, I had the opportunity to read Unfinished: Believing Is Only the Beginning, the new book from Richard Stearns, through Thomas Nelson’s BookSneeze program for bloggers. Stearns, of course, is the President of World Vision US.

I haven’t managed to get myself back into regular blogging of any kind, but this seemed like a good thing to take advantage of. If you’ve read my site for a while, it seems that one of the last reviews I wrote was of Stearns’ first book. Reading over that one, it’s fascinating how similar my thoughts on the two books are, but they are still quite different works. I’m going to follow the same format though, as that seemed to help me think through his last one.

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Jonathan Stegall is a web designer and emergent / emerging follower of Jesus currently living in Atlanta, seeking to abide in the creative tension between theology, spirituality, design, and justice.