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Reasons for IE8′s Default Behavior

March 4th, 2008

As I've been thinking about the new default behavior that Microsoft announced for IE8, it occurs to me that there are a lot of reasons for Microsoft's decision.

Printing to Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux Printer with Mac OSX

February 14th, 2008

Recently, to my great jealousy, my wife bought a MacBook for graduate school.

Microsoft offers $44 billion for Yahoo

February 1st, 2008

See this article. Microsoft hopes to better compete with Google and to do so it is offering $44 billion for Yahoo. There were many rumors of this kind of thing happening at various times in 2007.

ASP.NET MVC Framework

October 18th, 2007

In light of the project mentioned here, I have been spending a lot of time in the past few weeks thinking about MVC and MVC frameworks.

Mix 07

April 30th, 2007

For the next couple of days, at Visit Mix07, Microsoft is broadcasting the Mix conference from Vegas.

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