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Thoughts on Cornerstone 2009: Music

July 14th, 2009

I want to spend a little bit of time looking back at Cornerstone 2009, as I try to do each year on this blog.

Tentative Cornerstone 2009 schedule

June 17th, 2009

Cornerstone Festival is approaching quickly, and I just realized I hadn't written up a schedule.

Tentative Cornerstone schedule

April 30th, 2008

A friend of ours that we camp with at Cornerstone recently posted his tentative schedule for this year (being aware that the schedule will change).

Travel Update

March 31st, 2008

In the next few months, there are some travels I'll be taking. I may update this post, as I'm sure travels will update as well.

November Chicago Trip

November 13th, 2007

Along with, apparently half the world, I'll be in Chicago on November 27th and 28th.

October Chicago trip

October 12th, 2007

This month, I'll be in Chicago once. I'll be arriving on the 23rd, and leaving on the 24th.

An Event Apart Chicago

August 15th, 2007

An Event Apart - for people who make websites, will be in downtown Chicago at the end of this month.

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