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Help Invisible Children win $1 million

I talk fairly often here about my passion for Invisible Children, and the power of their story and the impact that it has on people’s lives. This happens both in Uganda where they build schools and wells, help folks start businesses, and elsewhere where they raise awareness, engage in political activism, and any number of other things designed to help those affected by Africa’s longest running war.

The reason I mention this at the moment is that right now, until January 22, Invisible Children is a finalist to win $1 million in the Chase Community Giving Challenge on Facebook. You do need to have a Facebook account to vote, and will need to add the Chase Community Giving application (it does not send you anything), but please take the 30 seconds and vote.

There are many beautiful organizations in this challenge, but I seriously believe that Invisible Children is the best one to get the $1 million from this event. The video below details what will be done with the money (partner schools in Uganda, wells, roadie tours in the U.S., political action, and more), and helps give perspective on why I think this is the organization that best deserves your vote.

Currently, they are number two in the leaderboard, but this can change very quickly, especially if you vote.


We did it!

We won $1 million from Chase Community Giving… and it was YOU that did it. Thank You from Invisible Children. We are committed to wise stewardship of this award, and will keep you all well informed of how we’re turning this money into changed lives both in Uganda and at home.

Invisible Children

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